2021 Cabrinha AV8



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Prekės pristatymo terminas 7-10 dienų.

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2 150,00€ su PVM

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Šis sparnas ypatingai stabilus ir greitas. 100% anglies pluošto konstrukcija. Jeigu mėgstate greitus skrydžius - jis jums. Daugiau informacijos rasite gamintojų tinklapyje.

he AV8 hydrofoil is a stunning work of art designed for riders looking for ultimate performance and efficiency. Made from 100% pre-preg carbon, the AV8 foil assembly is as beautiful as it is technical. It’s wing is incredibly fast yet infinitely adaptable to wind and water conditions. For a wing with no apparent limit to it’s top end speed, it’s incredibly stable and forgiving at low speeds. A warrior on the race course and an explorer on the open water. Board match: AV8 board, (Autopilot, X-Breed Foil and DA, with adaptor).