9mm Scorpena Elite


9mm atviros poros kostiumas Scorpena Elite

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240,00€ su PVM

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Wetsuit Scorpena E (Elite) - has been made for spearfishers, who want to have an extremely soft, elastic and warm suit, but don’t want to pay for camouflage colors. This is the first Yamamoto wetsuit in our collection with extremely soft elastane (or lycra).

Wetsuit Scorpena E is made of neoprene from the famous Japanese manufacturer Yamamoto, whose name has become synonymous with the standard of quality. Simple design with 28 parts is made so well that it fits perfectly to any figure, without excessive tension zones, thus providing maximum thermal protection.

Hood cut is designed for very coldwater and covers the forehead and chin, ensuring tight fit with the freedom of movement. Seams are blind stitched and glued with a soft glue. Joints and seams crossings outside are fortified with polymer drop patches, and inside reinforced with neoprene onlays. Knees pad had supratex coating.The pad for the speargun has been modified, model E has thick pad with polyurethane dots.