10mm Triton Yamamoto open cell


10mm atviros poros kostiumas

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229,00€ su PVM

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10mm atviros poros kostiumas skirtas povandeninai medžioklei. Kelnės be petnešų.

The original anatomical cut of the jacket and pants was developed by the TRITON team for a perfect fit, maximum comfort and minimal heat loss during diving.

Made from premium neoprene No. 39 Yamamoto®.

Nylon/open cell

The total number of parts – 23.

5mm neoprene chest loading pad inside.

Sealing glide neoprene cuffs on wrists, ankles and hood.

The unique design of the TRITON.

Available in sizes: L, XL, XXL.

Available in thicknesses: 5, 7, 10 mm.


Before attempting to put on the TRITON wetsuit you must thoroughly lubricate the inside neoprene surface, which can be bought from most dive stores or online.

Please do not attempt to put the wetsuit on dry.