2021 Cabrinha X:BREED FOIL



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Prekės pristatymo terminas 7-10 dienų.

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1 139,00€ su PVM

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Evolution helps us adapt to the changing environment and it's no different in kitesurfing.  This season we have evolved the X:Breed into a freestyle trick machine.  In keeping with the best the X:Breed has to offer we have kept its symmetrical tip and tail design but to enhance it's freestyle capability in the surf or on flat water we have lowered the rocker line and have added a center bottom channel.

This makes the X:Breed faster, and more lively.  It gets up to speed quickly, drives into and out of turns and makes it super easy to load the rail up right before an air trick.

The X:Breed Foil model comes complete with surf fin boxes and foil mounting tracks for hydro foiling.

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