F4 Windsurf Race Foil


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The F4 windsurf race foil is a new foil optimized for windsurfing. Great for the performance oriented riders, who want to go fast, with dedicated foil boards and race sails. These foils lift early and incredibly stable and fast. This platform has excellent performance across the wind range from as low as 6knots to 35knots.  Designed for bigger sails 7m+
“With the race Foil bundle you have all you need to win any course race, the big wings have the power you need from the first breeze but still them with massive speed, and with the smaller wings you can go from middle wind to over 40 knots with comfort. As a reference, after a couple of month with the new F4 foil, I have reached my top speed over on a race foil, going 29,91 knots on the 850 front wing with a 9,0 sail.” – Fernando Martinez

  • 97 cm HM carbon Tuttle mount mast
  • 945 sq cm front wing
  • 115+ cm fuselage
  • 230 sq cm stabilizer
  • Bag
  • Screws

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