F4 Windsurf Freeride Foil


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The windsurf free ride – The everyday foil
New foil optimized for windsurfing. These foils lift early and incredibly stable and pretty fast. Designed for smaller freeride sails and boards. Comfortable on all points of sails, both upwind and downwind. The windsurf freeride foil is a stable and predictable platform designed for enjoyable rides in control. It´s perfect for both learning and advanced foilers. The platform has excellent performance across the wind range.

This is the perfect balance for easy take off and great stability. The best combo for the best free foiling.

– Fernando Martinez

  • 97 cm HM carbon tuttle mount mast
  • 1400 sq cm front wing
  • 85 cm fuselage
  • 228 sq cm rear wing

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