Brunotti Deluxe 4


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60,00€ su PVM

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Trečios kategorijos sferiniai lęšiai, minkštas, trijų sluoksnių,  gerai ventiliuojamas rėmelis, elastigas dirželis . Daugiau informacijos rasite gamintojų tinklapyje.

The Deluxe 4 is a fine uni women’s ski goggle from Brunotti’s Goggle collection. This fine goggle features an elastic strap and a category 3 lens. This means that the goggle lets through relatively more light, making it highly suitable for cloudy conditions. The goggle has a spherical lens, reducing the glare from the snow. The goggle has a ventilated lens and frame, which increases airflow and prevents the lens from fogging up. The goggle is equipped with a silicone strap, keeping it in place even when the strap comes in contact with snow or water. The triple layer of foam ensures that the goggle is a snug fit around the head and helmet. This layer also wicks away moisture and sweat and reduces condensation, providing additional comfort. Are you ready for the snow?