Brunotti Jaguar 2


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70,00€ su PVM

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This is a trendy category 2 unisex goggle from Brunotti. This means that the goggle lets through relatively more light, enabling you to see well in cloudy conditions. The Jaguar 2’s spherical lens gives you a broader peripheral view of the surroundings and reduces the glare from the snow. This ski goggle has a large army green frame and an orange lens and is made from durable polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is an incredibly strong and highly flexible material. The inside of the ski goggle is lined with a triple foam layer, keeping the inside dry and holding the goggle securely in place. The lens and the frame of this goggle feature a vertical ventilation system. This enhances the airflow, which reduces the formation of condensation and prevents the goggles from fogging up. The goggle has a double lens which also helps to prevent condensation. The elastic strap is army green with a black embossed Brunotti logo. Are you fully kitted out yet with your winter sports outfit?