NSP DC Sup Foil 6'10x27 1/2


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This is our dedicated SUP foil. Unlike the DC Foil X, the NSP SUP Foil doesn’t have conventional fin boxes anymore and relies only on an incredibly strong twin-track mount. Available in several sizes and built with the all-new SLX Carbon, this is our lightest and highly durable construction for experienced foilers who want the very best performance from their foil setup. 

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LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
6'1" 25.5" 4.5" 86 liters 6.36 kg EST
6'6" 27.5" 4.875" 110 liters 7.22 kg EST
6'10" 27.5" 4.875" 120 liters 7.73 kg EST